On Nov. 8, 2016, Georgia State University students, like the rest of the nation will face a decision on who will shape their lives financially, educationally, and their safety as well.

Many Georgia State students who voted four years ago believe it is better to have a president with experience and basic knowledge of politics, like Democrat Hillary Clinton, than a political outsider, such as Republican Donald Trump.


Candace Lane, a 23-year-old Georgia State student, will vote for the second time in a presidential election.

“I’m voting for Hillary because I want to continue the progress Obama started. I also feel like ever since Trump ran for presidents, racism has become prevalent and people are accepting it more,” says Lane.

“Hillary has been in Washington, D.C. for 30 years and for all intense purposes, probably ran The White House. There is no reason why a female cannot be a president, especially with the longevity she’s had in politics. She actually wants to help the country get better financially, improve healthcare along with international relations. Trump is just about business and making legislation to have crooked businesses for Wall Street. He seems to have no interest to give back to the American people and proved this when he called himself ‘smart’ for committing tax evasion for 20 years,” says Lane.

These veteran voters are all familiar with the issues.


Leah Cotton, a 22-year-old Georgia State student, will be voting for a second time in a presidential election and believes Trump does not match her views.

“Trump is inexperienced. He has never held an elective office versus Hillary who has served as Secretary of State and has been a senator. Hillary is pro Obamacare and Trump is not. Trump has made several racist comments as well as has no valid experience to support his position. Trump admitted that he not paying his federal taxes means “he’s smart”. That means he didn’t contribute to veterans, schools, etc.,” says Cotton.

“Hillary has made statements about making gun laws stricter and Trump thinks gun laws are too strict. Along with other aspects, that’s why I’m voting for Hillary,” says Cotton.

First time voters are following the election closely too.


Taylor Stokes, 21, says this will be her first time voting.

“I’m voting for Hillary because she’s ‘the lesser of two evils’. Although she’s trying too hard to appeal to the younger generation which doesn’t come off genuine at all, she’s the better suited candidate,” says Stokes.

“I don’t agree with Trump’s standpoints and he’s too ‘wishy washy’. He believes he needs to move the country in the right direction, which I don’t agree with him doing so. He also has no political background,” says Stokes.

The dislike for both candidates has left others uncertain on their decision.


India Batson, 21, says this will be her first time voting and she’s undecided on who to vote for.

“I really hate both Hillary and Trump. I don’t like Hillary and what she stands for. She lies about stuff. I’m a true Republican and Trump isn’t a real Republican in my eyes. I’m torn between the two,” says Batson.

Nov. 8  will have a definite impact on the citizens of the United States of America in every aspect and will shape the livelihood of Americans for the next four years.


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