Producing and Distributing

According to Chapter 1 of Intro to Media Production text, the changes with media production equipment and techniques all correlates with the distribution and execution of that particular production. The value of a media production is based on the methods of production and distribution.

This doesn’t come as a surprise. With production, your results are based on the tools used and the research done in an effort to distribute the final product successfully. The big ten ways of distribution include but are not limited to: AM-FM Terrestrial Radio, HD-Radio, Mobile, Satellite, Terrestrial Television, Cable/Telephone companies, Disk/Disc, The Internet, Games,  and Motion Pictures. Each of these provide different avenues for distributing media but the long-lasting one is motion pictures.

I feel like the quality of motion pictures is always improving but it’s always at a price. It’s difficult to make money with the cost of production going up, and that’s just a battle producers take on every day.


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