Social Media: The Good and The Bad

Social media consists of several online communication networks that allow you to share news, videos, photos, thoughts, and audio with other people within that specific network.    The purpose of social media is to get the public involved. You can engage in a friendly conversation, discuss business, etc. from miles away.

If you use social media for personal reasons, it’s basically an online journal where you allow others to get a glimpse of your life. If you use it for professional reasons, you can consider it as free advertisement. If you have social media networks for both, it’s best to keep them separate.

As a whole, social media has its good and bad qualities.  The good qualities include: interaction between people, businesses, and organizations, gaining exposure with promotion and branding, the ability to push news first, etc.  The bad qualities would include less of face-to-face interaction, lack of privacy, “fake news”, etc.

Social media also serves as a huge distraction. People tend to lose focus and relay on their apps for entertainment. For example, Snapchat is an app where you can chat with friends and record live stories with the option of adding filters onto them. Some users record while driving, which has led to some terrible car accidents as you can imagine. As a result, Snapchat has added a warning stating “do not snap and drive” onto their speedometer filter.

With social media, the best thing to do is always take precaution. You should always think before you post. In today’s society, there is no sense of privacy.



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