Facebook Then and Now

Facebook is a social networking service founded by Mark Zuckerberg back in 2004 at Harvard University. Prior to that, he invented another website called “Facemash” with three other students.

The purpose of “Facemash” was to compare photos of students at Harvard and judge if they were “hot or not”. It became popular to other campuses however, Harvard University officials shut the website down days later due to violation of copyrights for the images, individual’s privacy, etc.


Zuckerberg faced charges and expulsion but eventually, they were all dropped. He then began coding for a new website, Facebook. He launched the website in 2004. Originally, it was intended for Harvard students, then he opened it to ivy league students. By 2006, it was open to anyone over the age of 13 with a valid email address.

If you’re interested into how Facebook became the site it is today, The Social Network is a film that debuted back in 2010. It was based on the formation of Facebook and how Zuckerberg fought for ownership rights through lawsuits.

Today, Facebook has about 2 billion active users. Indonesia is second to the U.S. as far as users go. Millennials are the largest group on Facebook. What separates Facebook from other social media platforms, is that it’s constantly innovating competitively.

Facebook is testing new business models, developing new story formats such as Facebook Live, etc. Facebook Live allows users to instantly connect with their followers. You’re broadcasting whatever you may be doing, creating a story, and giving your audience a chance to engage with you.

In my opinion, I feel like it’s dangerous. It’s great to connect with people in real-time however, you’re pin pointing your location. People are literally sharing their every move to where there’s no room left for surprise anymore.

For journalists, Facebook is a great way to get their news out. The downfall of this however is fake news and how quickly it spreads. Last year, the Pope was apparently endorsing President Trump. It came out to be false but it was a big story on Facebook. There is about 83 million fake profiles on Facebook so you can imagine how hacking is a prevalent issue.

Facebook and Poynter Institute is providing online courses to help journalists master their skills. You gain a Facebook Journalist Certificate for enrolling in the curriculum, which provides resources for journalists, promotes news literacy, and curbs fake news.



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