Artley Interview

I felt like Artley brought up some interesting points in her interview. She mentioned how back when she first got into journalism at NY Times, it was completely different. People actually sought out the news whereas today, you have to bring the news to them.

I think the impact of social media has helped news platforms both in positive and negative ways. It does help shed light to new stories however, it could be inaccurate. Fake news is very troubling today. With breaking news, I agreed with being accurate is better than being first. When you report false information, it hurts your credibility. If you’re a trusted news source reporting inaccurate information, it just makes you look bad.

Fox News and CNN both have done so in the past. With breaking news of the Boston bombing, both sites reported the suspect was caught according to a source. They had to retract it minutes later when they found out it wasn’t true. That’s just the difference between local and national news. National, they tend to get their information secondhand as opposed to local being first on the scene.

I would think that’s the most challenging thing about journalism in my opinion. You always want to be the first one to get the story out but at the same time, make sure it’s accurate.

According to Artley, Snapchat is one of CNN’s best mobile platform because it demands you to edit it and it reaches a specific audience. I think as opposed to other social media platforms, Snapchat is by far the most interesting one. Snapchat’s whole thing is about making stories so I think it engages people more because you’re reading/watching a story within a story on Snapchat.

Online news proves to be difficult because things are constantly changing. You just have to stay on top of it and embrace change.



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