Camera Shots and Angles

Do you remember ever using those little yellow cameras you would buy at the drug store? All you had to do was look through the square frame and push a button to snap a picture. Yeah, with everything being digital today, there’s definitely more to it than just that.

Chapter 8 describes all aspects of different cameras and what the camera operator needs to be knowledgeable of in order to use it properly. With placing the camera, operators have to understand the best position and at what angles is best to place it. From personal experience, if there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that you always want to get a variety of shots at different angles.

The different type shots include: extreme closeup(XCU), close-up(CU), medium shot(MS), wide shot(WS), two-shot, and long shot. An extreme closeup focuses on the subject’s face or some specific object whereas a close-up is just a head-and-shoulders shot of a person. A medium shot is like half to three-quarter’s of a person’s body, kind of in between a close-up and long shot. Two-shot is a medium shot with two people in the same frame.

camera shots angles and movements

In my past projects, I can say I’ve used extreme closeup shots and wide shots for b-roll quite a few times. One other thing to remember is to really focus in on your shots. Make sure to zoom all the way in to focus and then frame your shot.

When you’re moving mid-shot, your camera should be placed on dolly, or moving tripod. These are called dolly shots. They allow your audience to feel as if they’re with you in the scene. A trucking shot is when you’re moving the camera horizontally to keep the subject in frame. The camera operator will usually say to “truck left or right”. A pan action, or “pan right to left”, is slowly moving the camera side-to-side on the tripod and a tilt action moves it up and down. To pedestal up or down, is to adjust the camera for a high or low angle shot.

It’s safe to say there’s definitely more to learn about cameras because soon enough, that drugstore camera won’t cut out for what’s coming next.


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