Twitter is an online social media and news service that allows its users to interact through messages called tweets. User’s tweets are limited to 140 characters, encouraging them to simplify their messages.

Twitter has over 300 million users. Other features include: direct messaging, live streaming (Periscope March 2015), headline news, and trending topics. Just like any other social media platform however, Twitter does have its challenges, “twitter trolls” is one of them. “Twitter troll” is essentially cyber-bullying. Their goal is to annoy everyone around them in order to get attention or views. An example of a “twitter troll” is presented below.


Another challenge twitter faces is providing fake news. Twitter is not considered a “credible” source of information for this reason. Users are allowed to post information without any factual evidence so many messages are presented as false or misinterpreted.

Because twitter is all about real-time, word spreads fast. If someone hacks into your account and posts false information, it hurts your credibility as a source. For example, the Sony twitter account claimed Britney Spears died, but it turned out they were hacked. 

Screen Shot 2016-12-26 at 9.15.12 AM

I guess bad news travels fast. Because news outlets, journalists, and other professionals are all on twitter, the best advice to avoid “twitter trolls” and other things of that nature is to ignore them. Journalists should remain unbiased, deliver facts, stay relevant and use hashtags, and engage with followers. Above all, always be professional to remain credible.


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