Reality TV: Just a Facade

So being that reality TV is the “new wave”, to becoming a semi-celebrity, the influx of shows with no substance has become the new modern day TV. The problem with reality shows is the mind-numbing nonsense that has no substance to it at all.

If we rewind time, back to the 80s and 90s, TV had its limits. There was some sort of a line that was drawn and wouldn’t be crossed. Writers were producing good stories with relatable content that made for great TV. There was no cursing that you could just bleep out. Today, TV is so far gone that the only word that is bleeped out is the “f” word, anything else has a green light.

The mere perception of reality TV is a mirage. For example, Basketball Wives is a reality show and it illustrates this perception that every woman (just because they all have one thing in common) on the cast is friends but it really looks like they’re being forced. When in reality, if you aren’t friends or don’t particularly like someone, you wouldn’t intentionally put yourself in situations where you would have to interact with that person.

The pseudo-celebrities try to make it seem like they are living real life, when in all honesty, who has that much drama on a daily basis? The saddest part of it all is that young kids look up to wannabes and believe this is “real” life and something to aspire to. The irony of it all is that reality TV has duped the masses to believing their perception of reality. However, it’s all just a facade.


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